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As a professional artist the work I make is inevitably about change.
 Life is change in action and art reflects life.

I was recently struck by the phrase "embrace impermanence", and thought I should have that printed on a T-shirt.  Things always seem to be in flux - globally, locally, personally.
Even images that seem to be about capturing and preserving a moment in time in the end become  reminders of change.

Suzanne Oldham                                                                                                                  In the Canna Garden

Now that they're adults, this painting of my daughter and her friend as children is a constant reminder of change.  

Any captured moment, portrait or landscape or still life, can be a reminder of then versus now.

Recently I've started exploring theme of change more directly, using mixed media and collage techniques.


This piece, constructed of recycled papers, is one example from the series.
I've tried to capture a dynamic moment when something multi-faceted and unpredictable is unfolding.
The colors are warm and bright because its meant to be hopeful, to inspire something positive in the viewer.

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