Monday, August 29, 2016

Rainy Day Garden Tour

This has been a most unusual August in North Texas.
Thanks to week after week of rain, the landscape is green instead of brown, 
and the air smells fresh instead of dusty.

This post is a short garden tour between the rain drops...

Everything seems to have doubled in size.

The rain lilies are in bloom

The roses bushes are covered with new growth.

Above is the climber 4th of July, and below are the hips and new growth on Gideon Lincecum.

The woolly stemodia ground cover is very thick, 
but I've never seen a single purple flower!

Starting to drape the wall at the end of this walk is evergreen wisteria.

Something ate the first flush of flowers, but it's trying again.

There is some volunteer morning glory in there, too...

Most of the flowers on the desert willow trees have fallen.

Now the trees are drooping with these long seed pods.

Volunteer crepe myrtle trees are turning up here and there. 
So far, none have the dark leaves of this black diamond variety. 

The low-growing rosemary has filled in this area of the driveway garden.
Unfortunately, the nut grass loves this spot too, so I am constantly trying to weed it out.  It looks so innocent until those large, cruel burrs develop!

This Turk's cap is several years old and growing bigger every year.
That's purple shield in front and the wide green leaves of cast iron plant to the right.
This is the north side of the house, but after so many scorching days the ferns planted last fall look like they are sorry to find themselves in Texas.

The potted plants on the south side look relieved to get a break from the sun.

These chiffon-skirted mushrooms sprouted under the hyacinth vine.

The garlic chive is just coming into bloom.

This is one of my favorite fall flowering plants.

Such green and healthy grass! 
But in this same spot last August it looked quite dead.

Hopefully the rains will continue. 
If this is climate change, bring it on.

Even a dog who hates water is willing to chase rabbits in the warm August rain!

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