Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Garden House

January is a prime month for cleaning out and reorganizing. 
First, it's cold and rainy outside.
And there's something about packing up all that holiday stuff, and seeing the house fresh and uncluttered again, that encourages me to take on other tidying projects. 
(Plus I had just finished reading Marie Kondo's book 'The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up'!)

The garden house was an obvious target.
Various tools and materials had migrated between the two rooms of the garden house and the garage to the point where it seemed we spent as much time looking for stuff as getting things done.

We decided to shift all the garden stuff to the smaller front room and use the large back room as a workshop. Now the garage is just for the car (and during the winter the boat).

Just like the garage, the walls of the garden house are galvanized metal sheets instead of the usual drywall. It's great - bright, reflective, sturdy and we never have to paint it.

The aluminum shutters visible on the back wall can be opened to allow ventilation to flow from the workshop room behind which is lined with roll-out windows.

My husband attached a wooden board along the walls. The ripple in the metal siding allows space for an assortment of movable hooks. 

Permanent supports hold up awkward items like rakes and shovels.
We used to store these in a rolling cart, but it was always difficult to find what I wanted and pull it out. Now I can easily see everything!

I feel so organized all of a sudden!

Outside, I still haven't decided what to do about the latest round of wave damage.
Once again all the stones and logs where rolled up and over and six feet beyond where they were put.
Hmmm...bigger rocks?

An amazing number of plants are still in bloom, although we have had several small freezes.
The lantana, verbena, cilantro and roses are still hanging on as the camellias start to bud.

I'm not gardening, but I am spending time with all the beautiful bulb and flower catalogs!

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  1. My garden house is nowhere near the size of yours, but it definitely needs "tidying up".

    Thanks for the inspiration.