Monday, December 7, 2015

Starting That Holiday Decorating!

Four days of rain over Thanksgiving weekend kept us indoors, so we turned our energies to dragging out and sorting through the Christmas decorations.
Fortunately, my mother loves creating holiday vignettes, so I had plenty of creative help!

We started with the window ledge in the kitchen, mixing artificial greens with real acorns and pine cones.

Then came a Santa figure and a little wooden sheep.

I made the rustic birdhouse on the right a few years ago using a cardboard tea box as the base.
It's covered with bark and topped with a pine cone. The entrance hole is an acorn cap. It's amazing what a glue gun can magic into being!
I have quite a few of these little bird houses, and we got to thinking about how pretty it might look if we could hang some of them in the window.

I found a wet but sturdy branch in a pile of old pruned sticks.
It had nice curve, and was just the size of the window. 

We were able to hang it with fishing line.
I used the glue gun to attach the birds and some bits of greenery.

So that was this years first vignette!

This past weekend was gorgeous. 
We took the dog, boated over the the Harbor Club for lunch, and sat outside in the warm sun.
It would be so nice if this weather lasted through Christmas!

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