Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October Rains

Those predicted heavy rains showed up right on schedule. 
It was a steady downpour for three days.

The rain did not stop Kye from chasing squirrels, but it did raise the lake level inch by inch.

More than 20 inches in 24 hours had the water rising so quickly it topped the seawall.

Fortunately there was very little wind, so we did not have any garden damage from wave action.
And the boat house is equipped with lifts so that the boats can't swim around.

Once the rains stopped the water drained away from the yard within half a day.
The bonus was all the nitrogen in the rain water greened everything up very quickly.

After blooming a pale and faded pink during the drought months, this Bayse's Blue Rose suddenly put out bright magenta flowers.

And the Old Blush rose bush covered itself with new blooms for the first week of November.

In the front yard, the upper level path was almost complete when the storm arrived.

We have learned not to walk on these newly laid stones until the ground dries back up and we finish securing them in place. Otherwise the path will buckle unevenly.

It will be so nice to be able to walk this loop without getting muddy.
And to start collecting some new plants and bulbs!

The rains continued for a second weekend, but as we were leaving on Sunday a bit of sun broke through the clouds. Maybe next weekend I can get those pansies planted!

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