Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Garden Conservancy: Texas Open Day

The Garden Conservancy, an organization founded on the idea of "gardens helping gardens", hosted an open garden tour day in Dallas this month.
My husband and I visited one of the private gardens generously opened to the public.
The Thomas house, built in the 1920's and now under the loving care of its second owners, was a delight and an inspiration.

Set well back from a fairly busy street, the house sits on a crest above a sloping and wooded front garden.  Walking through the iron gates and up the brick driveway is like being gently transported to the south of France.

Street noise is replaced by bird song and the cooing of their dule of doves from their cote under the trees.  This is a green garden, highlighted for the season with mounds of white mums and white pumpkins.

We were particularly taken with the way in which this garden was both wild and formal.  Beautiful terracotta pots and clipped shrubs marked the winding gravel paths, while the areas under the trees rambled with various ground-covers and woodland 'volunteers'.

The front veranda provided the perfect shady spot for relaxing. 

And the view back toward the street never hinted that this was the middle of Dallas.

Off the front veranda, to the side of the house, was a sunny pool and dining area. 

I loved the sky blue window boxes lining the second floor terrace.
Cactus and mums - an unexpected and fun combination!

And the tiny balcony with its trio of pots seemed just the perfect touch.

Along one side of the pool garden there was a handsome fountain. And behind the fountain, up a short staircase just off the garage area, was quite a surprise...

Possibly the cutest chicken house I've ever seen!

Several roosters made regular announcements as the hens clucked in agreement.
The hen house had its own little parterre garden and a charming shell encrusted fountain.

Visiting other gardens, large or small, formal or free form, is always a treat!
Happy gardening, friends!


  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful garden, Suzanne!

  2. What a beautiful garden,house, and home to chickens! I am a huge fan of the Garden Conservancy and try to go on their tours when it's in my area. Unfortunately, the last weekend of tours here, a few weeks ago, it poured both days... But it's such a great chance to see the unique and gorgeous places, and maybe get a few new ideas for our own gardens!