Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Abstract Sculpture at the Nasher

The scorcher days of July are upon us - with temperatures topping 100, it literally feels like we are carrying the heat around on our heads and shoulders.
Perfect weather to escape into the cool climate of an art gallery!

The bright and restless energy of the latest exhibit inside the Nasher Sculpture Center is providing high contrast to its ever tranquil gardens.

British sculptor Phyllida Barlow has created seven giant pieces specifically for the Nasher.
They are irresistible, each one drawing the viewer into alternate world first by mere scale!

The entrance gallery is crowded with multi-legged constructions that rise with lumbering grace up to the ceiling.  'Untitled: Stiltedcrates' seemed to be made of our collective debris, assembled and grown so large we were dwarfed by it.
It was exciting and unnerving at the same time. 

For those of us who like to experience art first as an explorer, before learning about the artists intent, this is a fun show.  I was with a friend, another artist, and we had the best time posing questions and sharing ideas about each piece before ever refering to the catalog.

We both liked the colorful paneled walls of  'Untitled: Stockade', an upended and fractured structure that has the initial attraction of  a child's clubhouse grown overlarge.

But looking closer it was apparent how uneasily the structure was balanced on its bed of black pallets.

And the inside is a hollow shell, cluttered with timbers laid as haphazardly as a game Pick-Up-Sticks.

That uneasy feeling was answered when learning its inspiration: radio reports detailing the destruction of a home during a hurricane.

Each piece in the show has its own mysteries.

'Untitled: Hangingmonument'

If you have a chance don't miss this seeing these thought provoking installations.

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