Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wave Action

A sudden storm on Saturday evening pointed out a flaw in my garden planning. While gentle rains drain down the hill and wash mulch into the lake, fierce storms create wave action that breaches the seawall and washes the mulch into the yard.
Assaulted from both directions!

From inside the house we watched ten foot spums of spray crash up and over the wall and fence.
Very dramatic!
 Our heavy wooden rocking chairs went sailing by into the bushes.
We were so engrossed that we didn't even noticed our dog eating the full dinner plate that my husband had just set down on the coffee table (steak & baked potato with sour cream gone, asperagus untouched).

The logs and stones that my garden friend and I put into place last weekend along the lake sidewalk were washed right up and over the plants. 
Some poor plants were flattened, others washed to bare root status.

The next day my husband put the gravel path back together using more stones to weigh down the garden fabric.

Then he got the logs back in place, and I began staking them on both sides, adding gravel and more stones.
 The trick is those logs float, so we'll see how well this works!

Around the oak tree, whose roots were exposed, I added more soil and mulch, and built a nest of twigs and sticks to try and keep it covered.

The sedum held up very well, so perhaps encouraging it to continue to spread and grow around the twigs will help.

I did collect a bouquet of butterfly bush flowers before the storm.

Such a gorgeous color!
I have them in three shades of lavender. This is the middle tone. I love the red eye at the center of each tiny floret, and they do smell lovely - not as enchanting as lilacs, but very sweet.
Happy gardening, friends!


  1. Loving that bouquet of butterfly bush flowers!!!! And I am so sorry to hear that mother nature came in so intense like that! I'm with you on the spreading sedum holding up and keeping the edges in place if anything like this were to happen again. Great job on the repairs! Here is to a lovely week in the garden friend! Nicole xo

  2. That had too be exciting and not in a good way. Your repairs look great though, quickly repaired it all, well done! Love your table decoration too!