Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Art Inspiration from Rising Waters

Well, we have more water in Texas these days than we ever thought to see!
There's has been a lot of flooding and damage and danger sround the state.

Our lake is full, but the creeks feeding it are still running fast and high above their banks. It will take weeks to move the water toward the sea in a controlled way.

Starved for water or flooded out - our relationship with nature is a delicate thing.

Thinking about that balancing act was the inspiration for a collage of hand-painted and recycled papers.

I titled this Dominion as question rather than an answer. As we struggle to maintain a healthy relationship with Mother Nature, where is the tipping point?

The squares and rectangles are balanced against irregular, organic shapes;
 human needs against the natural world;
 both pushing and resisting.

Below is a close-up of some of the detail work.

Artists Webpage for Dominion

Back in the garden there were lots of blues and greens, too!

The vitex tree/bush is in glorious bloom.

And so is the germander, each plant covered with tiny, drooping lavender bells.

The rain did clear off enough last weekend to allow construction of our pergola.
We've been going back and forth on this design since building the house.

We wanted to create more shade at this end of the pool, and more privacy from the property next door.  
This area feels very exposed now that the bumelia tree in the background below has died back to about a fifth of its former size (termites!).  I think we are going to have to get creative and come up with interesting ideas for the remains of a dead tree by next summer.

While the carpenters worked on the pergola, I was rescuing mulch. 

The little wooly stemodia plant above held its mulch with the help of  mini twig fence.
But in other places the mulch just floated away towards the drains or across the paths and driveway.
Such a waste!

On Saturday I made this twig edging to hold the mulch in this area.
This is the driveway garden, a large square space (maybe forty by fifty feet) that I am filling in bit by bit. 
I need two more flats of trailing rosemary to finish the curve on the right, before going to work on the left.  Now it seems this twig edging is also a nice rustic way to remind myself where to step - a gardeners path for weeding and trimming!

Here's to some sun for the next few days and a chance to dry out!
Happy gardening!


  1. Your art is incredible! The colors are just so stunning! As is your new pergola! And I love that twig fencing you made up there to hold the mulch in place very clever and very cool! Beautiful work all the way around! And yes...our relationship with nature is a delicate balance. One that we need to pay closer attention to. Hoping you all are recovering ok and praying for the families who lost loved ones from the horrible flooding. Nicole

  2. beautiful art . . . lovely surroundings . . . lush greenery . . . and a doodle . . . life is good!

    Thanks for visiting and leaving the kind comment on my latest post.

  3. I don't use Google + much so I will follow you by putting you in my blog roll.

    Have a great day.!

  4. What beautiful art and gorgeous gardens - thinking that must go hand in hand. Love your pergola!!