Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sad Roses & Delighted Day Lilies

The weather in Texas this spring has been wet enough to support a true English garden!

 My drought tolerant plants look weary, the roses are getting black spot and dropping all their leaves,
 but the day lilies are having their best year yet. 

This garden area is very close to the sea wall and exposed to the wind, but the lily stems are really hardy.

I think these star shaped yellow lilies are just as showy multi-petaled varieties. 
 And the flower pods are so cool.

The yarrow is really unhappy about the wet soil. 
Many of the canes just lay down and gave up!

But all the lavender (which refused to grow in the circle garden around St. Fiacre and so was replanted here and there around the property) is blooming like mad. Sometimes there is just no predicting how a plant is going to react.

Between storms my husband managed to get the supports for our raspberries and olalillieberries in place. This spot on the far side of the guest house is where we also plan to build a keyhole garden.

The supports look very rustic, but John cleverly attached the weathered wood to sturdy metal tree stakes.

The wire supports form a gentle V shape to support the canes as they grow.
I found the idea for the for the V supports on google and pinned quite a few pictures to Pinterest, if anyone else is looking for ideas.

My favorite job with the ground so wet is clearing weeds around little trees or perennials in the wild area, and then building little twig nests around them.  
This way they won't get stepped on , and the twigs hold the mulch in place.

 Sometimes I find a pretty volunteer!
Happy gardening friends, and here's hoping for a little sun this weekend!

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