Sunday, May 17, 2015

And the Rains Came!

The big news here is the big water!
After months of drought the rains have come, and the lake is reborn. 

On Saturday afternoon, as the next storm was brewing up,
 I took this view of our boathouse from the lot next door.

The photo below was taken last weekend.  
Our 200 foot beach had twindled down to a thin strip, and we had our fingers crossed that the waters would keep rising.

The wave action and driving winds are making short work of all the beach weeds (and baby trees).

Really, the rain has has been amazing (our word of the week), it just keeps coming!
It's supposed to rain all this next week, too!

The boathouse has been transformed from a long-legged tree house to a floating island.
It turned out to be too rough this weekend to get the boat into its cradle.

The gardens have been just popping with nitrogen-happy plants.
Also happy weeds. I should have used pre-emergent - who knew? - the ground has been been too dry and hard for much weed action over the last few years.

The tomatoes have set fruit and squash plant volunteers have been turning up all over the place.

The lysimachia returned, covered with fairy sized yellow bouquets.

I planted a Kangaroos Paw in this mosaic pot. I think the flowers look more like this roosters coxcomb than a marsupial paw. 

The Italian oregano is in full flower above a skirt of weeping rosemary.

Also in bloom in this bed: sage, thyme, mums, lavender, and santolina.

Last of all, I want to share another rose. 
This is Cole's Settlement, one of the pioneer roses from the Antique Rose Emporium. It arrived a couple of months ago, and is quickly becoming another favorite. The flowers are larger and more open faced than my other white roses.

I notice that my Iceberg roses are not happy, and are dropping most of their leaves. Apparently they prefer it hot and dry and are discouraged by all this wet and damp. 
Anyone else out there noticing the usually reliable Iceberg looking sickly???

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  1. Your property is just glorious, so wonderful you are getting rain! Your herbs are HUGE and love the pretty rose.