Monday, April 13, 2015

First Flush of Roses

We came home this weekend to a garden transformed. While we were in New York, the spring rains woke up Mother Nature in north Texas. The trees leafed out, the weeds went nuts, and the roses burst into flower.

The Knockout roses sadly lack any scent, but they certainly add splashes of brilliant color. And they are tough - heat, cold, disease - they bear up.

Also dressed in red, and just beginning to climb the wall is Fourth of July, a very prickly climber with a lovely sweet apple scent.  I particularly like open form roses where the yellow stamens are in full view. It's a more old-fashioned rose style that seems just right for a informal country garden. And the bees love their easy access!

This gorgeously rambling rose is the wonderful Jaune Desprez. It wants to cover the wall and be a ground cover - I love it. This one is three years old. Evergreen and hardy and carefree, apparently it can grow up to twenty feet.

The flowers are cream colored, sometimes with a blush of apricot in the centers.

This brillant pink rose inside the walled garden is Carefree Beauty. 

Fragrant and repeat-blooming, it also produces hips.

On the other side of the drive the lemon mint has come back clearly intending to rule. I thought this was a less aggressive type of mint that might make a good ground cover.  It certainly does cover ground. I think the Indian Hawthorne will need regular rescuing until it it grows up! 


  1. Suzanne,
    WOW!! How lush and beautiful. Your roses are divine. I have white-out roses....similar to knock-outs - if only they were fragrant! And watch out for that mint!!

  2. So nice to see all that fullness and green. We are making progress daily, hostas just popped through and few perennials. I love your Jaune Desprez rose. So beautiful! We do not have enough sun for roses. So fun to look out the window each morning in the spring as everything comes back to life. Happy gardening, Suzanne!