Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Painting in Progress

Last weekend was rainy again, keeping the light in the studio pale and cool.  The fog on the lake erased the far shore all day Saturday, and muted the color outside. It certainly influenced my current painting.

This is 'Spring' in progress. 
Taped above the easel is the original sketch of color ideas made during February when the light was harsher, and I was seeing more rust in the grasses.

I'm not sure it's finished - I need to see it in better light!  My studio does not have a lot of artifical light. It's usually so sunny here that I haven't needed it.

Outdoors the little Shasta 'Angel' daisies opened up in the rain.

The yarrow was pushing up bright green fronds.

And seven new roses arrived from the Antique Rose Emporium. With such a great catalog selection it's always hard to choose, and this time I picked a variety of colors and types.

I did dig in the rain and get them all settled in their new mucky homes.

Here's 'Republic of Texas', one of their Pioneer roses.
It's a small shrub rose, a yellow flowered repeat bloomer that will be two or three feet high.
And it's scented. And it produces hips. Sounds like a winner!

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