Monday, March 23, 2015

In Praise of Magnolia 'Jane'

These are the beautiful tulip sized flowers of Magnolia 'Jane'. 

Undeterred by that unexpected snow, or the fierce winds that can sweep across the lake, Magnolia 'Jane' is in full glory. Here in north Texas (zone 8a), fat purple buds appear in February and the blooms continue for weeks.

A couple of years ago I planted two of them in the bed that fronts the pool deck. Full grown they will be ten or twelve feet tall and we'll be able to see them from the window seat in the dining room. Of course my mind's eye sees a full pool lake gleaming blue behind them - garden fantasies!

I planted a third 'Jane' in the front yard where it's just starting to show over the garden wall. 
There are more than a hundred different types of magnolias, some evergreen and some deciduous.

Once the flowers have passed 'Jane' will have thick medium green leaves about four inches long.
By the end of summer the leaves often show some fungal damage in the few weeks before they drop, but the overall health of the shrub has not be affected.

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  1. What a beautiful specimen! Suzanne, someday I would love to design a yellow garden with a pale yellow magnolia as a focal point. Your garden is looking fantastic. It's been a while since I visited, looking forward to catching up!