Monday, February 9, 2015

Yoyo Weather

The weather has been so erratic lately, plunging from highs touching eighty degrees, to lows in the thirties.  On top of that the winds have been roaring, and our irrigation system has been non-responsive since Thanksgiving when the lake levels dropped so low that sand blocked the intakes.  Naturally the repair people do not want to swim out into that too cold water until we can promise them at least sixty degree weather.
But inspite of these challenges, some plants are are looking particularly happy.

The rosemary repens is simply overflowing where ever it's been planted.

And it's in bloom, covered with tiny blue flowers.

The the Italian oregano has doubled up into handsome mounds.

Even the lavender plants (which I despaired of in the St. Fiacre circle bed and finally moved to another part of the herb garden), have suddenly found new energy.  And here I had written them off as probably past hope and hardly worth the effort to transplant.
That bit of fuschia color next to the lavender is a perennial dianthus.

I bought several in the fall, and they have continued to grow and bloom inspite of the yoyo weather.

I love these tiny daisy buds!

The lenten roses are just pushing their way up from under their blanket of leaves.

And the camelia is in full bud and flower.

Can spring be far behind in Texas?

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