Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Studio at the Lake

The weather has been cold and wet, which makes it easier to leave the garden alone for a while and retreat back up to my studio.

Up on the second floor, my studio space is a long room with a balcony at one end overlooking the lake.  It's bright and peaceful, with lots of room to move things around and spread out.

This is one of the acrylic paintings I'm working on at the moment - a work in progress. 
The composition isn't right yet. I'm going to break up the horizontal yellow band to find a better pictoral balance.  The final color glazes are not in place, so the under painting colors read as much too strong. And it wants more there's still a lot to do here!

This photo taken down on the beach shows some of the fall and winter colors I'm thinking of as I work. When the wind is hurrying the clouds, the sky can move from almost white to a sharp cold blue.  And the sun can suddenly catch bright yellow in the dry grasses.

There is a lot of gray and silver in the landscape as well.  Additional glazes of these toned down shades over the top of my bright base colors will leave a richer surface than if they had simply been applied as flat color.

The birds are barn swallows  They left in the late fall, abandoning their nests till next year.  But for six months of the year they are a common sight around the lake both morning and evening, swooping through the air in a circus-like display of flying as they catch bugs on the wing.

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  1. You have a wonderful sense of which colors are beautiful. It makes for happy eyes. :)