Monday, January 26, 2015

Solving the Problem of Escaping Mulch

It's always frustrating to discover a cozy layer of mulch has been carried off by a good rain.
This stretch along our property line, where we planted a hedge Redtip Photinia, has continually lost it's blanket of shredded hardwood to our neighbors yard.

Our driveway is several feet higher than the property next door, 
creating a slope that won't hold a protective cover of mulch.
But I have come up with a solution that is working extremely well!

I started farther down the property line, at the back corner where the fence is now in place.  After settling in the hedging plants, and before laying the mulch, 
I started staking and layering dead tree branches along the slope. 
The stake pieces are placed in a rough cross-hatch 
with the straight horizontal branches woven in and out.  

This technique has now been downpour tested!
The rain drains through, and the mulch holds its position.
Eventually the wood will rot away and the plants will spread their roots and branches sufficiently to hold their own.

Creating a mulch catching weave of sticks has also worked here. 
Previously rain would carry the mulch across the sidewalk and down the seawall.
Fortunately, we have a seemingly endless supply of dead sticks and branches in the fields and woods around here, because I have quite a few places where I plan to use this idea.