Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blue Heron

The lake where we've settled is also year-round  home to a large number of Great Blue Heron.

(Ardea herodias )
Standing three or four feet tall, they weigh less than 8 pounds,
 but have a wingspan of five or six feet.
It's an impressive site when they unfold those huge wings!

They seem to prefer to hunt alone, noisily chasing off encroaching members of their own species.
This heron has adopted our stretch of beach, 
and commandeered a perch on the corner of the boathouse deck.

He is quite resentful about any disturbance. 
I wore my slippers and left the dog inside to get this photo.
He (or she?) sits out there in even the coldest weather, all hunched up on one spindly leg.

This is a new lake, damned in the mid 1980's.

The drowned trees (that can be seen sticking up out of the water below),
 offer ideal heron homes - safe from most predators and surrounded by good fishing.

We do have the most amazing sunsets out here.
It's a different show every night, changing minute by minute.

The sky and water were even more saturated with color and light than I could capture with my camera.

I haven't altered the color on the photos.
These sunsets really are just like Fauvist paintings!