Saturday, December 28, 2013

January's Waving Grasses

The weather has been gorgeous here, cold nights in the 30's,
 followed by bright, clear days in the 50's.
Perfect weather for long walks.

 Kye and I like to explore along the seawall. 
The lake was low this summer, so the beach has naturalized.
At full pool, this shallow inlet will be full of water.

In this neighborhood, the owners of undeveloped lots
are required to mow their properties at intervals throughout the year. 
Unfortunately, this leaves the land looking scraped and dead all summer. 

The truth is that our peninsula is at its most beautiful between the last fall mowing
and the first spring mowing.
That's when the winter grasses put on a show,
 and the hardy native plants seize their opportunity!

It's also a fine time to keep an eye out for wildlife sightings.
We have a tiny deer herd (about six animals) that we usually spot at dusk,
slipping quietly between the trees.