Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Fresh Eye: Artist Sharon Zigrossi

My last post was a visit to my friend Sharon's garden
 to see her heat resistant, happily thriving succulents.
 I also included a photo of this freshly washed assortment.
They represent an introduction to Sharon's other passion - ART!

 Sharon is a self-taught sculptor who works with found objects.
Where most of us might see only a pile of sadly lost hubcaps,
Sharon sees a garden of shapes waiting to be transformed.

Like many artists not constrained by formal training,
she has a unique visual language.
Sharon sees creative possibilities in otherwise overlooked items.

This mundane hubcap has been re-imagined as a vibrant wheel of color.  

Sharon's studio is inspirational, a wonderful collage of color and pattern.

Just visiting makes me want to settle right in and start creating!
I have wanted one of her pieces for the lake house since I first saw them.
Sharon will do specially commissioned pieces,
 so I asked if she would include two things of mine in her design.

The first item was the nozzle off of a very old watering can that had belonged to my father.  The can itself has holes, and the nozzle is completely clogged, but they have sentimental value.
 The second item was a circular piece of flashing. 
My husband and I seem to spend a lot of time at Home Depot hunting for solutions to various home and garden challenges.  One day I discovered these ruffled circles of metal flashing.  I thought they were so pretty there had to be some way to use them. A couple of weeks later I realized they would be a perfect foil for the nozzle, if Sharon could figure out how to make it all work.
And she did!

To start, Sharon found the perfect hubcap.

 Then began the process of constructing and painting the piece.

Color, glorious color! I love how the large red petals seem to be in motion. And notice her use of pattern: dots and circles echoing the larger shape of the sculpture.

Slowly the original three pieces" disappear".
The hubcap isn't even a distant memory, it's been absorbed into the artists concept.
The finished creation is gorgeous!
We just love the bold color against the limestone walls on the back porch.


To see more of Sharon's work you can visit her Etsy shop here:


  1. Very, very original and creative! This is such a dynamic piece with great texture. And I love how cheerful it is. Suzanne, I hope you've received the much needed rain there. It's a bit dry here in DC.

  2. Hi Suzanne, I love how that looks on your wall. She is so talented and her studio is beautiful. Hard not to smile when you look at her work!

  3. Wow... I admire people who can see the beauty in things that others have written off as trash or no good! And she did a wonderful job with the items you gave her!!