Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Peach Goes With Everything

My quest to harmonize the colors in my butterfly garden was given a surprising boost when the latest issue of Fine Gardening arrived.
Susan Morrison wrote a wonderful article entitled
Peach Goes With Everything.
 Exactly the color challenge I've been working with 
since starting my planting with
Apricot Drift roses!

There's nothing like making a "picture quilt" to get a feel for how things are working together. 
Above are some of my flowers in bloom.
(Not everything is represented - there are more lavenders in the mix).
Ms. Morrison's article is full of great suggestions and examples if you are working with peach or apricot as a harmonizing color. I love the combination of colors in these table bouquets.

Just for fun, here are a few photos I collected of interior rooms pulled together by peachy tones.
The concept is the same whether using fabrics or flowers.
It really can be a most useful color!

Images found here:


  1. Interesting... never knew that peach goes with everything :) I love that dining room! We have peach (well more like terracotta) in the hallway, it's the only place we felt brave enough to 'let loose' the rest of the house is a lovely varrying shade of whites :) Maybe we'll get braver and paint another room with some 'real'colors!

  2. Hi Alla,
    I'm with you on working with a collection of neutrals before experimenting with a pop of color. Inside the house a little bit of color, judiciously placed, seems to go a long way.