Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Herbs in the Herb Garden

 This weekend, with the weep holes drilled and the soil in place,
we arrived at the planting stage for our herb garden!

The inside curve has my favorite perennials: thyme, oregano, chives, and sage.
Along the sidewalk are zucchini, squash and peppers.
 And at this end, I planted some basil and a pair of tomatoes.
It's late in the season, but I really wanted to try some tomato plants. 
Even if they don't set, I love the way the leaves smell.
(In temperatures over 90 degrees, tomatoes just sit there, too over-heated to attempt to make fruit.) 

 We also started to plant the American arborvitae hedge which will screen the area.


We selected Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd'.
Th image below shows what a handsome hedge these column-like plants can create. 


Thuja will spread 3-4 feet and get 10-12 feet high.

We need eleven more to complete the line along the pool deck, but can only fit so many into the car at one time!

In the middle, waiting to be surrounded by lavender, is a statue of St. Fiacre (died c. 670).
Originally an Irish hermit, St Fiacre later moved to France
where his ability to heal the ill became legendary.
He must have had a wonderful physic garden
because he eventually became the patron saint of gardeners.

St. Fiacre is commonly depicted with a shovel in one hand and a flowering plant in the other.

It was a windy weekend, but the covering of clouds didn't bring enough rain to raise the lake levels....


  1. It is going to be beautiful when it all takes off and the lake makes such a gorgeous backdrop! x Sharon

  2. Hi, Suzanne - Wow!!!! I can't believe how much progress you all have made! Look at all the sunshine your herbs will get. Looking forward to seeing the lavender around the base of Saint Fiacre. Which lavender will you use? I have the English ones....Hidcotes.
    Take care,