Monday, April 29, 2013

Our Gardens Find Their Shapes

The upside of a very slow construction cycle is having an abundance of time to walk the property.  We've had two years to think about how we would like to shape our landscape.   

So it's really exciting to see those little shapes come off the graph paper and appear full sized on the ground!

This swath of grass in front of the pool is just right for a game of bocce. 

The grass circle will be a surprise someday, hidden from view and found by following a path of stepping stones through a butterfly garden.

 In thinking about these shapes, I reversed the usual process of starting with a lawn and "carving out" garden or foundation plantings.
Instead, I tried a more updated approach, geared toward minimizing the amount of high maintenance lawn area in favor of native pants.
Using graph paper to maintain scale, I started by drawing grass shapes only in places where we needed a flat green space either for activities to enhance a view.

Across the front the grass makes a neat barrier between the garden and the street.

Progress continues:
 we have a sidewalk to the front door (at last!)!

And inside the courtyard, the area for the dry creek bed is defined and waiting for the drainage pipe to be laid.

I've been looking at different planting ideas for this area.
There are some beautiful grasses being used in dry gardens.


I love how the light glows through these seed heads in this photo from
Below is another type of grass with a lovely fountain form (
I think I'll do more research on grasses...


  1. Wow, wow, wow! I love your landscaping ideas, I love the house and I love the property. The dry creek bed, such a great idea!

    We tried to minimize lawn here too when planning the yard initially but we were purchasing an established property so we were limited in what we could do.

    I am a huge fan of grasses, we have them here but in Texas...perfect setting! I also love grasses in pots, will send you a pic I have on my Pinterest.

    Fun to see what you will do, looking forward to more posts as you progress!

  2. Thanks, Cindy. It's so nice to hear from a fellow gardener. Having this more or less blank slate is exciting and intimidating in equal weight! Do send me the grasses pic. I hadn't thought of putting them in pots, but that might be a nifty idea for around the pool area where the wind from the lake can be very drying.