Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Planning the Herb Garden

One of my favorite garden books is
Garden Style
by the well known garden designer
Penelope Hobhouse.
Although the selection of plants suited to my Texas garden is quite different from those featured in most British gardens, learning about garden structure,
and how to relate a garden to its house, is universal. 
This book abounds with wonderful lessons from a gifted landscape artist!

 In thinking about how to organize my herb and vegetable garden, I have returned to this book again and again.  Two photos were particularly appealing.  Both featured a circle within a circle as a key design element.

The first was this garden in Atlanta, Georgia.

And the second was this garden in Somerset, England.
They are both so lovely and so inviting.

 I would like to create a circle within a circle garden in this wedge shaped spot.

These two staircases form the boundary for the herb garden on this side of the yard.
Our landscaper has raised the bed around the pool, and I intend to plant a hedge between this pair of stairs. This will provide a bit of a windbreak by the pool, and a little mystery to the garden below as it won't be easily viewed from the pool deck.
This is the design I came up with:

A sixteen foot circle shaped by eighteen inch raised beds. 
The eight foot openings would look lovely framed with arches of roses.
In the center, where the little black dot is, there will be another circle, about six feet across. 
I think that might be just the spot for the statue of St Fiacre we've been carting around!

If you are in search of garden inspiration,
Ms. Hobhouse's book can be found here:

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  1. Hi, Suzanne -

    One of my favorite books! I have many of Penelope Hobhouse's books. Some I inherited from a gardener friend who passed away many years ago. My friend told me to study her books!

    Your plan looks wonderful. I love the circles surrounded by the straight lines. And the statue will make a great focal point.

    Take care,