Friday, February 22, 2013

The Optimism of Petunias

I have never been a fan of petunias.
They smell funny, are sticky to pinch back, and predictably grow up to be awkward and leggy.  
I bought these pink petunias late last fall because they were the only bit of color left at the nursery, and I wanted something cheerful on the city balcony.

This variety neatly filled out this funny old pot, covering the resident sedum, and flowering through the winter.  Never protected, occasionally watered, and happy as a native. 
It was only 32 degrees when I walked the dog this morning, and these little pink faces were lifted optimistically towards the sun!


Out at the lake, the weather was mild on the day I took this photo of a lone cormorant.

The water was smooth as glass.

Just as the sun was setting, the pelicans began to arrive.

Gliding right over my head, so elegant with their white-tie coloring.

They settled into a flock of accommodating cormorants,
and began driving the fish as a great noisy wave.
They disappeared across the water...
and then everything was quiet again.

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  1. Once again, paradise! Your photos are just stunning. I feel they should be in National Geographic, Suzanne.
    Thanks for sharing -