Thursday, December 27, 2012

Frosty Sunset

The weather turned frosty for our first Christmas at the lake,
but we were toasty by the fire.
Hope everyone's holiday was as peaceful!

Monday, December 10, 2012


I seem to be a natural forager. 
Every dog walk, city or country, is an opportunity to collect pods or bark or driftwood...even the dog (noticing my interest) has started collecting acorns and carrying them home one by one.
The open land in the lake house neighborhood provides a nice place for nature rambles.

Yes, we have a courtyard enclosure at last!  Talk about a long wait...
Anyway, moving forward, we are now ready to grade.

Right across the street from the house is a swath of common ground, a curve of shoreline on the cove side of the penninsula, that is our usual starting point for happy-dog no-leash walks.
Workman forage along here, too, collecting coolers full of pecans.
The ground drops away from the street, and an interesting assortment of finds appear along the beach.

Lots of animal prints - coyote, racoon, shore birds... and even some fish parts.

I think this was a cat fish (?)  It measured almost a yard.
I've heard they get very big.
What about this one?
I had no idea, so I searched on-line for "Texas Lake Fish Images".
This is an alligater gar, the largest exclusively fresh water fish found in North America.
Obviously, this is a baby as they can grow up to 8 to 10 feet (!).
Look at those teeth!
The head is 12 inches - I wonder how big the rest of it was?
Great for sport fishing, not so much for Christmas decor. 
Kye carried it around for a while but was eventually convinced to leave it behind.
I was actually looking for honey locust pods.
Tricky work around wild, unpruned trees because of the thorns.
One of these little ones went right through my shoe.
But the pods are lovely - long and curly and slightly fuzzy.
I think I can work these into several different projects, starting with the wreath for the townhouse.