Monday, November 5, 2012

Red and Blue Vintage Hankie Quilt

The post I wrote about my first hankie quilt has been so popular that I thought I'd put up pictures of the just completed Hankie Quilt #2. 
This is such a fun project for anyone with a collection of vintage hankies looking for a new life.

I started picking up vintage hankies here and there because of the eye-catching graphics.  Once I started laying out my finds to admire them, the idea of turning them into some kind of quilt seemed obvious.
Vintage hankies can be found in so many pretty colors, and with any number of themes.  I love the fact that each artist started out with the same blank square and turned it into something unique!  Serious collectors pay quite a little for a rare hankie - however, the pieces in my little pile were priced between $3 and $5.  I found them in antique shops, on, and on ebay.

My first hankie throw was created from a collection of aqua or soft turquoise colors.  I was wrapped up it in just this weekend, watching the sun rise out on the lake!

Here are the finalists for quilt number two, featuring hankies with red and navy.

 Each hankie was washed and pressed before being attached to its backing with a light weight, double sided, iron-on pellon.  Then I hand-stitched around each side to make sure every hankie would stay smoothly in place during the quilting process.

I played around with placement before stitching the squares together.
The hankies vary slightly in size, but each of the backing squares measures 16" x 16".
The wonderful long-arm quilter who did the work on my first hankie project was sidelined by health concerns. 
My search for another long-arm quilter struck gold when I found Diane Selman at
Her site is so easy to navigate! 
I followed the very clear and simple directions, packaged up my quilt cover, quilt back and edging fabric and mailed it off.  Two weeks later, as promised, my quilt came back...

It was wrapped like a special gift!
Inside was a beautiful throw, quilted in the all-over pattern I had selected from the many design choices offered by

 The task remaining was to turn over the edging and stitch it down.

Here is the finished edge.

And here is the finished throw.  I immediately washed it to soften the iron-on pellon.

It came out beautifully!