Monday, October 15, 2012

Dusty Turquoise

 The first color choice for our lake house was made before we ever broke ground. 
Inspiration came during a visit to New York City.
We were at the New York Botanical Gardens, enjoying the spectacular spring orchid show.
The show has been an annual April event for ten years.
The beauty of the orchids was otherworldly, and the artistry of the displays was amazing.

But it was in the permanent display area featuring dry climate plants that we found these subtle shades of a gorgeous greenish blue.

Not true blue, but decidedly more blue than green when compared to the new growth on the cactus.  Dusty turquoise seems like the right name!

Or maybe powdery aqua? 
It's a color that reminded us of shutters in the French countryside, New Mexican garden gates, turquoise jewelry, Greek pots on white-washed balconies, warm ocean water, old Mexican benches...I think I could go on and on pulling up delightful images! 
What they all have in common is climate.

These are warm weather plants and their beautiful color turns up often in warm weather regions.
Here's a handsome prickly garden outside one of the old San Antonio missions.
What a great combination of shapes and textures and color.

Obviously this dusty turquoise is a perfect color for a hot climate! 
I decided to use it inside as a statement color on some of the kitchen cabinets. 
After collecting the requisite fistful of samples from various shops, I settled on a shade called  Seascape from the Valspar collection at Lowe's.
It looks brighter in this photo of the kitchen, but on site it is actually a bit grayer, an exact match for those cactus in the photo above.

Seascape has a warm tone, so it looks great with the saltillo tile and with the mellow Texas limestone.
The interior of the cabinets have been painted a soft yellow to set off the white dishes. 

This color collection turns up again in the fabrics for the dining nook.
And even in some of the moods of the lake...

As of this weekend, we are mostly unpacked!

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