Monday, October 29, 2012


We have the most beautiful buzzards living around this lake, big red-heads with wing spans of four feet or more. 
They soar in graceful silence up and down the shoreline, circling back and dropping lower to see what we are up to out in the yard. 
Occasionally they can be seen in groups of a dozen or more, gathered on a neighbors roof.  Hunched in their feather cloaks, they look like a collection cartoon judges.

The buzzards do keep the environment clean - anything edible that washes up on shore, or meets with a accident, is quickly attended to. 

This week I noticed a second, smaller type of buzzard. Looking a bit like large chickens, two of these black-headed buzzards sat out on the pier on Saturday.

And here's one on my neighbors chimney.

We are really enjoying the bird sightings out here! 
This weekend also brought quite a display of water birds involved in group fishing.  Masses of pelicans and cormorants drove the fish up and down the lake.

I wish I had a better lens! 
We just watched a small, charming movie called The Big Year.  It's about birding enthusiasts (Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Steve Martin) competing with each other to see who can spot the most species in a single year.  The number of birds they chased after was amazing, as was their ability to tell one bird from another.  Obviously they had some very nice equipment and better eye-sight than mine!

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