Monday, August 13, 2012

Great Blue Heron

 With a clean boat and a clean dog, we did a little exploring on the lake.

From Boot Bay, where our lot is located, we headed west up the leg of the lake that is fed by Richland Creek.  This is a tricky area to navigate because of all the sunken trees.  In thirty or forty feet of water our Boston Whaler was in a forest of tree tops.  Even with our very low draft, we had to motor with care, watching from the prow for branches hidden just under the surface. 
This part of the lake looks rather spooky, but the reward was spotting the nest of a Great Blue Heron!

We often see these giant birds around the lake, wading along the water's edge or perched on a dock.  They stand four feet or more in height, and their wings span six feet, so it is quite dramatic to see one take wing - as this one did when we got too close - with several harshly remonstrative honks.

Back at the lot, the sidewalk and fence along the sea wall were put in place during the past week.

Here's the fence in place.
Now the rebar for the pool decking is waiting to be covered over...

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