Monday, July 16, 2012

Outside at the Site

Building sites produce a haphazard collection of shapes and textures that can be fun photograph while waiting for some forward movement.

I've been thinking about this passage between the garden house and the wall of the master bath.
It looks like a good spot for an interesting gate, and maybe a stone wall connecting the two buildings.

This pile of rubble and wood is right where we will need a 'dry creek bed' design to move water away from from the big courtyard tree that we are trying to save. 
The water will need to travel in two directions, past the guest house on the right, and over towards the garage on the left, otherwise rain water will be sandwiched between the house and the long wide berm that runs across the front of the property.

Last week the footings for the pool deck were poured.

This week the beginnings of the retaining wall were in place on top of the footings.

The propane tank made an appearance.  It will be buried some place where it won't interfere with the ceptic system. We signed permit papers for the ceptic system, so we should see that being trenched very soon.  It will be soo nice to move past the outhouse phase!

Some grading was done along the back of the property.  The fence panels arrived for the lakeside.  This week we are hoping to have the sidewalk poured along the seawall and the fence set in place.  And, hopefully all the grading on the property will be done before the end of the month.

Saturday was hot, but the lake breezes were wonderful.
Kye had a refreshing shampoo out on the dock and a blow-dry out on the whaler.
What a baby face!

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