Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pool Story

A "full pool" at our lake is 315 feet (that is, of course, 315 feet above sea level, not 315 feet deep).
  The rains in late March caused the lake level to jump almost four feet in as many days, unexpectedly cresting our seawall before the dam could manage to syphon off the excess.  The result was a muddy sludge exactly where we had planned to put our swimming pool.  It might be a rare event, but the thought of a pristine pool suddenly looking like a rectangular swamp was distressing enough that we decided to rethink the landscape plan.

Here is the view from the studio balcony taken in late April.  The curving line of the receding water is still visible to the left.  Originally the pool would have been dug on that lower level, closer to the sea wall than the house, and reached by stairs. 

Here is the same view a month later.  The pool is in, closer to the house and at the higher grade.  Additional fill dirt is being trucked in to create a wide deck on the lake side, and eventually stairs will lead down to a garden area.  Once graded (a slow process), the difference between the two levels will probably be four or five feet.

Here's the side where additional fill dirt will create the base for a sunny deck. 
As it turns out, we like this set up much better!  The pool is closer to the house (the shaded porch area, the grill, the kitchen, the bathroom).  It was a lucky bit of flooding at just the right time!

We designed the pool as a simple rectangle in keeping with the lines of the house.  At the far end there is a tanning deck between the hot tub and the lap pool.

This end will house the pool cover.  The cover will keep the pool clean and reduce evaporation.
Here's hoping we get to swim here before too much longer!

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