Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lake Dog

This is Kye. 
He is an apricot colored standard poodle. 
He is six months old.

When he joined the family last February, he was so tiny that we had to walk him on a ribbon because the leash was too heavy.

And then he started to grow and grow
At six months he is thought to be 2/3's of his mature size. 
Look at those paws...hmmm...this is a big puppy.
He is gentle, quiet, fun loving, cautious, quick and bright.
We won't dwell on his current vice of stealing socks, toothbrushes, hairbands, etc.
He has not been swimming yet, but he loves the shower and the hose and the rain, so we think his heritage as a water dog is solid.

Kye likes the boat, particularly that sweet spot between the driver and the wheel.
 He loves the open spaces, too.  He has visited the building site twice, happily exploring every corner, inside and out.

We hope he will grow up to be as fine a friend as his predecessor, Beau.

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  1. What a sweet puppy. Those feet are enormous!