Wednesday, April 25, 2012

View from the Commons

Here is the view of our construction site from the commons area across the street. 
Our house is situated in the middle of a long, skinny peninsula, shaped like the boot of Italy.
When we first trekked out here in the spring of 2006, high bouncing along a muddy rutted path, in the rain,  through a Texas style thorny thicket, we were glad we were in the salesman's SUV!  Somehow, between the tangled trees and briers, we managed to find the small white lot markers, matched their numbers to the development map, and found the one lot on open water that would also face the common ground: beautiful water views in both directions!
Today there is a road, but I kind of miss the wildness of that first encounter.

A love this grassy path down our property line.

The path runs past the guest house and the mysterious mini-hill (someday there will be grading...), and down to the boat house.

From the deck of the boat house, the property does still look pretty untamed. 
 I cannot wait to prune those trees and rescue them from swathes of poison oak.

From the boat, we love the way the silver of the roofs catch the light! I don't think we'll have any problem finding our way home.

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