Monday, April 2, 2012

High Water!

The rains at the end of March caused a dramatic surge in the lake levels, and the lake went from low to high, and then higher, and then over the top, cresting our seawall.  Our builder sent this photo on March 22.  The seawall is under water, and the boat house looks like it's afloat!

Today the water is still above the "full pool" level of 315 feet, but it has dropped back down below our seawall.

The house is coming steadily along.  We broke ground seven months ago, and hope to have the project completed in three more.  The electrician is finishing up this week, along with the people who are putting in the TV, security and computer wiring.
The stone masons are doing a great job.  The work under the balcony supports is beautiful.

They are now working the area that runs next to the garden house.

The garden house is so cute.  Once the windows arrive and are installed, the stucco walls and metal roof will be next.  The garden house is comprised of two unconnected rooms.  The front room is narrow and designed to house the boat trailer.  The back room is larger and overlooks the lake with three big windows.  It will hold our garden equipment, a work sink and a kiln.

And the whaler is finally in it's new home!

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