Saturday, April 28, 2012

Galvanized Garage

I have always liked the speckled, shimmery surface of galvanized metal, starting with the old watering can my father used when I was a child (and which I still have). 
So, when John suggested covering the garage walls with galvanized sheet metal, I was all in favor.  Not only is it pretty, and rich with vintage charm, but it seems very practical compared to drywall. 
I imagine the inevitable scuffs and bruises that have made our drywalled garage walls look dingy in the past, will be all but invisible here!
Out in the garden house we have decided to leave the the beams and metal ceiling exposed in the raised roof area.
It ties in nicely with the exterior details and keeps the space looking like the workshop/potting shed/kiln room it is meant to be.
And it certainly makes the wiring easy to find.
In the main house, the drywall installation is transforming a shell into a room.
I love the feeling of this space even in it's unfinished, messy state.

The ceiling drops to ten feet in height along each side of the room.
And the guest house suddenly feels very cozy.
This view was taken standing in one of the guest rooms.
The doors on the right lead to the bath. 
The arched space in the middle will be a "bunk house closet" - no door, cedar lined, with hooks and a bench.
The pair of doors on the right looks down the hall to the other guest room.
All in all, it's becoming much easier to imagine actually living here!

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