Sunday, February 26, 2012

Texas Limestone

Limestone has been a popular building material for very long time.  It was used for the gleaming white facing on the great pyramid at Giza; it was used to build medieval churches in England and to construct sturdy Tuscan farmhouses; and it is the classic choice for Texas regional architecture. 

Limestone, which is white in its purest form, comes in a variety of soft colors from greys and blues to rusty brown. We selected a light creamy color, quarried to the southwest of Fort Worth in Granbury, Texas. Here it is going up on the guest house.  

These are fairly small blocks, tumbled to create more irregular edges and an older look.

Once the roof was on, the rest of the windows could be installed.  They are fiberglass on the outside, but wood on the inside, so our builder was very careful to protect them from the elements.
Now that the windows are in place, the stone can go up.  We have mapped the location for all the electrical outlets and fixtures, and we have the outdoor faucet taps in place.  Progress!

The pad for the potting shed has been poured next to the garage.

And the lake is still rising!!  The beach is gone.

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