Monday, February 6, 2012

January Brought the Rains!

I love graphs.  What a great concept.  Many thanks to William Playfair of Scotland (1759-1823) who invented the line graph, the bar chart, and the pie chart.
 Above is the current water level on our lake, beautifully graph illustrated. 
And below is a photograph showing how that rising water level translates on our property. 
I think we can float a boat!

Of course, we will need to get the electricity hooked up before we can lower the lift.  The roofing material is scheduled to be delivered this week, so the boat house is inching closer to completion.

We are very fortunate to be in an area of Texas that is experiencing some recovery from from the big drought. Hopefully the next few months will bring more rains to the whole state.
Looking back towards the house, the seawall gives an idea of how far we have yet to go to fill this reservoir.

The house is coming along, too.  The second level windows are in place and the layers of stucco (cement) are being applied.  This week all of the cedar trim will be stained.  The cedar rafters will show under all of the eaves and porches.  We are using a transparent product from Sherwin-Williams that will reveal the variations in wood grain while evening-out the natural color differences.  Once the trim is stained the roofers can go to work.

The Isokern fireplace has been constructed in the great room.  Manufactured in the States from Icelandic volcanic stone, this type of fireplace has a high insulation value while being fireproof and reflective.  The inside of the firebox will be faced with antique brick, and the outside will be constructed with the same stone we are using on the rest of the house: Texas limestone.

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