Saturday, February 11, 2012


This morning as we left for the lake the weather man warned that with the wind chill factor it would feel like 13 degrees outside. 
It did feel darn cold! 
The cows along the way were huddled down for warmth.

The wind had a bite, but there wasn't a skin of ice over any of the puddles, and the mud did not crackle beneath our feet.  
I don't think we can claim anything too wintery,
but it was cold going for the stone masons and the roofing guys.

It looks like we will be under roof by next weekend! 
We are very happy the look and the color of the metal roof.  I love looking under the eaves and seeing the glint of silver between the beautiful cedar ribs of the construction.

The water is still slowly rising.

I think this beach may disappear altogether before spring...

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