Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rising Water?

Oh, look! 
I think I see water lapping the furthermost supports of the boat house!

Yes, that is definitely rising water. All that rain of the past week or so is finally trickling down Chambers Creek from the north, and Richland Creek from the south, and finding its way to this big reservoir in Navarro County.  We are going to take this as an optimistic sign and keep our fingers crossed for more rainy days.

 It does have a long way to go!  There is a fun way to keep track of the water levels on Richland Chambers Lake.  This site is an interactive graph comparing years and months:

Progress on the house is moving along nicely.  The exterior walls on the first level are being wrapped for stone, and the second level is being wrapped for stucco.

The windows are the next piece of the puzzle that our builder is juggling.  We are waiting for word on how long this custom order will take to fill.  Windows, stucco, stone and roofing are all tied to each other in terms of pacing.

After fooling with the pitch of those roofs multiple times on paper,
we are delighted with the proportions (thank goodness).

This week the carpenters started on the balcony off of the studio space upstairs. The view is so pretty from up there, I may spend as much time day-dreaming as working!

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  1. The house looks beautiful! I love seeing it nestled in the trees.

    P.S. Your profile picture is so cute. :)