Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beautiful Boathouse

Except for the silver metal roofing, the boathouse and dock are just about complete.

One of the advantages of the low lake level this year is that enabled every part and surface of this structure to be painted and stained.  We selected soft colors to compliment the buildings airy structure: silvery paint on all the metal surfaces and a sandy brown stain on all the treated wood. 

This small grate is located between the seawall and the dock.  Wave action on the lake can be pretty dramatic when Texas winds kick-up.  The grate allows a release point for the waves. 
The pipes emerging from under the walkway carry electricity and water out to the dock, and lake water into the gardens. 
We selected stainless steel cable to give the dock railings a lighter and a more nautical look.

The craftsman at Lake Shore Marine did an outstanding job! The planks are laid in a repeating pattern, screwed in place rather than simply nailed down. 
We tried to envision this boathouse as an extension of the main house, the same way a well-designed garden space can be thought of as an outdoor room. Obviously our boathouse needed to properly store our boat and any other watercraft we might acquire, but the structure could also function as a room on the water.  That means seating that won't blow away!

We wanted the beautiful structure of the roof to be revealed from the inside, including having the silver roofing material show through, so all the rafters were carefully crafted to finish grade.

Eventually we will put in a sink next to the storage closet.

Another function we wanted to include was a gentle way to get down to the water regardless of lake level.  Next to the cradle for the boat is a platform that can be raised up or down.

Even the dog can get down to the beach this way!  And as the lake level rises, it will be easy to get into the water from here, too.

Here's a view of the platform at it's lowest level.

Dreaming of the lake?

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