Monday, October 17, 2011

Old Doors

Does anything kindle the imagination quite like an interesting door? 
They stir memories of wonderful old stories and suggest new adventures.
A well-told door is a no-fail plot device.
Doesn't everyone want to know what's behind the door?

I love to photograph doors.  These examples are from various missions in San Antonio, and they inspired my interest in finding some unique doors for the lake house: doors with a bit of history, with some character and texture.  

Our long-standing plans to meet up with east coast friends in New Mexico turned out to be perfectly timed for a door hunt at Seret and Sons.  We have often wandered through this fascinating store in Santa Fe, admiring the dhurrie rugs, Tibetan furniture and old doors from around the world.

This is the first one we picked.  How could we pass up the Texas style stars?  It will make a beautiful door for the master bedroom.  In all we found twelve doors for the lake house, eight interior and four exterior.  The doors we selected for were originally from Goa, a major trading center of Portuguese India from 1510 until 1815, when it fell to the British. 
The interior doors above are teak.  Some were saved from old temples and others were rescued from the abandoned home of a Portuguese merchant before a wrecking ball could destroy them.  The temple door to the left with the unique grill-work transom will be the entrance to John's study, and the one on the right will go in the guest house.

We loved the carving on this exterior door.  The images seemed so appropriate for the lake: duck, fish and trees.  The door on the right is one of a pair with brass inserts that we will use for the front entrance.  All the exterior doors are made from Neem, the "blessed tree" of India.  Part of the mahogany family, Neem trees are highly valued for a variety of reasons, including their medicinal properties. 

Over the weekend we worked with Hal, our builder, measuring both the doors and the foundation slab to make sure each piece will fit perfectly into its new home.  We are now waiting for the framing crew to finish up their current project so that they can start on our house next!

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  1. lovely doors! i love that they have such history.
    it'll be magic each time you walk thru an entryway.