Sunday, October 16, 2011

Longhorns and Poets

 Each time we drive out to the lake we notice something along the way that we somehow missed before.  My favorite stretch is the last 15 miles on 287.  John is always willing to pull over for a photo opportunity, so I'm going to try and capture more of the Texas countryside for my posts. 
First up has to be the Texas longhorn.  We see them grazing in the open fields and under the shade of the mesquites.  This cows horns aren't very long (comparatively speaking they can stretch up to seven feet), but she does look to have some of that original Spanish blood.

I don't know what the process is for getting an historical marker.  They look expensive to create, and they seem to pop up in unexpected places, often along country roadsides.  There is one on 287, posted by a field, with signs from both directions pointing out its existence.  So (for the first time ever) we pulled over to read one of these reminders of the past.  I guess the last thing I was expecting was a poet, but what a lovely surprise: Navarro County was the home of Walter Montgomery.  And the poem chosen to honor and remember him is a perfect fit for my lake house story!

Maybe we can take a rubbing of this!

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