Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dock and Boat House

 On returning from a long weekend in New Mexico (more on that in a future post), we discovered a freshly poured slab for our house
our dock and boathouse under construction! 
It's so exciting to arrive and see new activity.

We placed the dock and boathouse off the the right of the property in order to preserve an unobstructed view of the lake from the great room.  The dock more or less lines up with the big bumelia tree.

The dock stretches 100 feet out from the sea wall, and the boathouse adds another 30 feet, but the lake keeps moving away, and the beach keeps widening.  A wonderful rainfall came through Dallas while we were away, soaking the ball game in Arlington, but unfortunately barely moistening Corsicana. 
The drought continues...

However, all this beach front allowed John a long guided tour of both the topside and the bottom side of the dock construction by the friendly crew from Lakeshore Marine. 

The walkway out to the boathouse is six feet wide and will have a handrail with stainless cable crossbars along one side.

Here's some of the crew in action, welding the supports for the hip roof. 
We are restricted from adding walls or screening to the boathouse.

And here is the view. 
The lake in it's most mellow mood,
mirror smooth and reflecting a beautiful sky.

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