Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Yes! This Saturday we arrived at the lake to see big trucks delivering piles sand and earth movers spreading it around.  The goal is to create a base for the slab that is a foot higher than the surrounding ground in order to keep water moving away from the house.  First, two feet of existing soil was dug out, and then the sand (with water from the lake to settle it) was built up and compacted layer by layer.  Next step: piers!

There's John to the far left surveying the progress and the new look of our lot now that the unwanted trees and scrub have been removed.  To the right, the stubby remains of a mesquite tree nestled up to the hackberry it was crowding for space.  We'll pull the rest of it out later...

And actually those unwanted trees have been repurposed: here is a lovely big pile of newly chipped mulch, smelling sweetly of cedar, and ready for my garden to-be.

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